Machine Fluids for Industrial Operations in Dallas, TX & Nearby Cities

Machine Fluids Dallas TXUtilizing high-performance machine fluids is imperative for Dallas, Texas, area companies that aim to improve productivity and reduce costs in cutting and grinding operations, and Master Chemical has long been a trusted brand for machine coolants that can meet those demands in a wide variety of specialized industries. At CRC Inc. of Texas, we offer an assortment of soluble oil and semisynthetic machine fluids from Master Chemical, a company known worldwide for producing superior performance fluids and coolants. Our comprehensive fluid selection gives businesses throughout Dallas, TX, and the surrounding area an opportunity to obtain these top-quality products that are renowned for providing excellent cooling in machining and cutting operations, leading to better finished parts and longer tool life.

The specific cutting and grinding fluids we have available through the Master Chemical TRIM line include:

  • Chlorine-free emulsions
  • Multi-metal emulsions
  • Nonchlorinated, siloxane-free emulsions
  • General-purpose emulsions
  • Chlorine-free semisynthetics
  • Low-oil semisynthetics
  • High-lubricity semisynthetics
  • Oil-rejecting semisynthetics
  • And many more

At CRC Inc. of Texas, our experienced representatives have intricate knowledge of all of the machine fluids, and we’ll take the time to help you identify the specific types of coolants that can help you improve your company’s processes.

Contact us today to learn more about the Master Chemical machine fluids we have available, and feel free to inquire about all of the other industrial supplies we distribute. CRC Inc. of Texas, which is now a Hurst Family Company, proudly serves Dallas, TX, and nearby cities.

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